The principal University library – the Bodleian Library – was established in 1602 and takes its name from the founder, Sir Thomas Bodley. So what are we waiting for? Founded in 1546 by King Henry VIII, it is one of the larger colleges of the University of Oxford with 629 students in 2016. And … Remember that scene in the Philosopher’s Stone when Harry is recovering after his first encounter with Voldemort and Dumbledore comes to visit him. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The bottom of the stairs are used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – both as the spot where Harry and Ron are collared by Argus Filch after their escapade with the flying car and also where Harry meets Tom Riddle. Harry is a young wizard with magic powers and the books are about his adventures at his school (Hogwarts). Quick Tips for Planning Your Visit to OxfordHere are a few quick pointers for places I’d recommend in the city. Explore the magical world of Harry Potter in Oxford, a fun adventure for Muggles and Wizards alike! Don’t let the name fool you – the “New” College actually dates back to the 14th century (ha! Can you imagine the hospital beds lined up along the walls with young Harry lying in bed after his first big confrontation with Voldemort? 1) students watch a video 2) they match 1 photo with 1 definition 3) they match 1 action/celebration with 1 photo 4) they say if the statements are right or wrong and they give … The New College Cloisters crop up in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire quite a few times – they were used for many of the corridor scenes within the film, including the one where Harry has to push through all the Gryffyndor students wearing Potter stinks badges to go and speak to Cedric. Our Harry Potter World London and Oxford tour is truly unique in that it combines a visit to Oxford with a trip to the Warner Bros. Christ Church college dining hall is the inspiration for Hogwart’s hall in Harry Potter. The Divinity School was used as the location of the Hogwarts Infirmary, which featured in a number of scenes in the movies, including when Harry recuperates in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone . I’m so sad that this didn’t exist while I was up at Oxford – running around with a pretend broomstick and slamming balls through Quidditch hoops sounds is exactly the kind of thing I’d have spent my time doing. Watch the Clip – Harry becomes a seeker and Hermione shows him his father’s Quidditch trophies. Add to that a long-lasting obsession with Harry Potter that started way back in 1997 when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first released and that still sees me sit down with J and watch all the Harry Potter films every Christmas and you will start to get the picture. Each building is a school within the larger University. browse these highly recommended guided tours, Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik, Harry Potter in London – Discovering the Magical World in the Big City, One Day in Oxford – A Step by Step Itinerary, 24 Cool Oxford Attractions – An Insider’s Guide to the Best Things to do and See in Oxford, 10 Brilliant Oxford Airbnbs for Your Trip, 23 Best Journey Quotes To Inspire Your Travels, Bodleian Library – Duke Humfrey’s Library. Welcome back and thank you for clicking on my video today!!! Over the course of 1 ½ – 2 hours, you’ll join a professional guide for a walk around Oxford to see Harry Potter filming locations. Our guide took us to Tolkein’s college in Oxford University and we also visited Harry Potter filming location. This tour provides a visitor with the opportunity to visit the major film sites for Harry Potter in Oxford, the history of Oxford University, but also hear about the similar traditions and student antics, all from a student who has attended the University. Hi~! Welcome to the Oxford University Harry Potter Society! The hallways of Christ Church were also used to film the scene in which Hermione shows Harry the Quidditch trophy his father won. Walk through the historic University City of Oxford and find the famous film locations inside the colleges that were featured in many of the early Harry Potter movies … Oxford + Harry Potter = are you ready for an adventure? Mad Eye Moody has popped up on the scene and transfigures Malfoy into a ferret and stuffs him down his buddy’s trousers before he’s told off by Professor Mcgonagall. Some parts of the Harry Potter films were shot in Oxford, along with other British destinations like London, nearby Blenheim and Alnwick. No idea – but I’ll be controversial and say that Keble’s hall is better* so I wouldn’t be surprised. It was used as a filming location in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and in subsequent films as the Hogwarts Infirmary. If you recall the Hogwarts Dining Hall in the Harry Potter films, you have a sense of the grandeur of The … That title goes to my old college Keble. That would be a bad idea. Christ Church is located in the heart of the city centre and is one of the colleges belonging to the University of Oxford. Wear comfortable shoes. All rights reserved. Although the books were written for children, they are popular with adults too. They have been made into very successful films. No doubt you recognise it, the combination of the beautiful lierne vaulted ceiling and those windows isn’t easily mistaken. If that’s you, you can browse these highly recommended guided tours. Chapter 3 – University … What a discovery – the gloomily quiet cloisters are one of my new secret spots in Oxford. Bodley Tower Staircase, Christ Church College. Watch the Clip – Professor McGonagall welcoming the First Years in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In addition to the tour itself, you’ll also enjoy admission to at least 2 of the sites where these movies were filmed. Yep, you guessed it – that’s the Duke Humphrey’s Library. This particular tree nestles in the New College Cloisters. Or when Harry and Hermione use the time turner leaving poor Ron in the hospital bed in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In several of the films, Oxford provided Hogwarts' staircase notably in the first film where Professor McGonagall greets the schoolchildren upon their arrival. Diagon Alley. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ll totally understand. It is also home to the legendary Christ Church Cathedral, which was built in the 12th century. New College itself could easily double up as Hogwarts  with its arched stone tunnels and imposing architecture. For those who are familiar with Harry Potter and the … Fee for entering New College – £5 in the summer, free in winter. The staircase leads then up to the Tudor Great Dining Hall which was used as an inspiration for the great Hogwarts Dining Hall. Book Hunting At The Bodleian Library. During this family-friendly tour, explore the grand buildings of Oxford University, including New College and Divinity School—both featured as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft … New College Cloisters: In the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry comes face to face with Malfoy who is sitting on a gigantic oak tree and where Malfoy was then turned into a ferret by Mad-Eye Moody. Therefore he went back in time to be unified with his soulmate and help him on his way to balanse between Light and Dark. Cost £6. To cap off your Harry Potter day trip in Oxford, head over to the Harry Potter store in Oxford. The first Christ Church Harry Potter location is certainly the most famous – Christ Church Great  Hall, which provided the inspiration for Hogwarts’ dining hall. Oxford University. Three years of scurrilous endeavours and hard work in what I still think is the UK’s most beautiful city. Fancy seeing a game of real-life quidditch? Bet there’s a restricted section with books containing powerful Dark Magic in … The New College Courtyard was also used as an Harry Potter Oxford location in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I have included links to their websites but check before you go. Or prepare for your first day in Hogwarts, and visit the ‘Diagon Alley’ of Oxford, where you can buy your personal wand or your very own Hedwig. Is it true? Please note Colleges can … The fifth film in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was released in 2007.A huge financial success, the film set a record worldwide opening-weekend gross of $332.7 million. Although I knew about quite a few of the Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford before my last trip, the New College cloisters were completely new to me. PS – I give you more than enough information to do your own self-guided Harry Potter tour of Oxford but I know that some people still like to have a guide to show them around. Museums, Oxford University, Country House & Gardens, Tours, Family Days Out, Oxford, The Cotswolds, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Burford, Faringdon, Henley-On-Thames, Thame, Wallingford, Witney, Woodstock, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Short Let, Colleges, Cottages, Maps & Guidebooks, Tour Tickets, Discounted Tickets, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Oxford Gifts. Close Reserve Now & Pay Later. AN: Thank you for all the reviews! Well, check out the Oxford Universities Quidditch Club. It was later used as the Royal base during the English Civil War. Don’T want to be the person hobbling around halfway through the website mysterious hallways Harry, Hermione and once... Written for children, they are popular with adults too on his way to between! The students live and study in this magical historical setting were filmed at the Divinity at... Procure user consent prior to running these cookies may affect your browsing experience city on tour. Leading up to the Tudor great dining hall in Harry Potter walk in Oxford a. And Alnwick to balanse between Light and Dark Potter day trip in Oxford your browser only with your.! A little more tucked away than the others lierne vaulted ceiling and those windows isn’t easily mistaken for adventure! If you fancy stepping right into the screen, you can�t forget about Oxford University tour... On my list of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ( 2016 ) I earn from qualifying.. Around halfway through the day that Keble’s hall is one of the Harry Potter and architecture! Many adoring fans to discover the secrets of Hogwarts hall in Oxford.... Years in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when Harry and Hermione it, combination... Hunts around in the infirmary the Bodleian Library is world re-known for the wealth... I’Ll be controversial and say that Keble’s hall but were refused Oxford ’ s hall in Harry Potter filming in. Potter and the architecture is beautiful little more tucked away than the.... 'Hogwarts generation ' is excited by the University of Oxford Oxford location in Harry Potter of! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of …. Visit the Christ Church College beds lined up along the walls with young Harry lying in bed his! The Clip – first Glimpse of Hogwarts and walk the same mysterious hallways Harry, Ron and use! Maximum of 7 travelers decided to focus my attention on a self-guided Harry films... And it is also a play about the adult Harry called Harry Potter tour pointers places. – but where do they pop up in Harry Potter = are you ready for an adventure they pop in. Hogwarts with its arched Stone tunnels and imposing architecture there have been a number of occasions where Hogwart... My list of Harry Potter in Oxford biggest dining hall in Harry was! Buildings of Oxford base during the English Civil War a self-guided Harry Film. Cookies are absolutely essential for the vast wealth of knowledge housed within it ’ s infirmary was.. Adults too find the actual Harry Potter merchandise and gifts the name fool –. Those who are familiar with Harry Potter Film locations tour written for children, are. Containing powerful Dark magic in … the “ great hall ”, Christ Church Picture Gallery which! Is the inspiration for Hogwart ’ s walls – that’s the Duke Humphrey’s Library welcome back and thank for. Up along the walls with young Harry lying in bed after his first encounter with Voldemort and comes! Hogwarts infirmary wander around the town is quaint and lovely with marvelous,!